The Yellow Dog Project

Ever seen a dog out walking that has a yellow ribbon, bandana or something similar on its lead or collar? Do you know what it means?

As someone who’s dog can be a little over enthusiastic towards other dogs, (he wants to play all the time with everyone and everything) I think it’s important to highlight the significance of this project.

For those of you who don’t already know The Yellow Dog Project is a registered charity created to bring awareness to dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated.

According to the Project’s website the reasons that dogs may need space are varied and could include:

* They may be ill

* They may be old

* They may be hurt

* She may be in season

* They may be in training

* The dog may be nervous

* They may have had bad life experiences

* The person walking him may be nervous of other dogs

* They may have a new family who are unsure as to their behaviour with other dogs.

I think we should all be mindful of this and be sure to respect our fellow dog walkers when out and about. We’ve all been through the difficult puppy phase when we are trying to train them and know how hard it can be when well-meaning people get involved or other dogs run up and distract you.

The charity sells a full range of merchandise for those who have yellow dogs themselves or want to make others aware that their dog needs more space.

Let’s remember that not all dogs have the same personalities or life experiences and we can’t presume to treat them that way. So just remember to be kind and give them the space they need if you see them sporting something yellow.

For more information please visit the site: