Outlaw for a day

This weekend Buddy and I decided to have a catch up with one of our favourite people and take a trip to explore some of the history and culture of the City of Nottingham. We knew we were going to be stretching our legs at the park later that day so we wanted to go somewhere fun and interesting that we’d not been to before. We started the day by taking a look at the magnificent Nottingham Castle, a historic site at the heart of the Robin Hood legend and starting point for the English Civil War.

Buddy took some time out of the trip to pose for his picture with the statue of the famous Robin Hood. As I’m sure most of you know Hood was a heroic outlaw in English folklore and a highly skilled archer and swordsman. I think Buddy fancies himself as a bit of an outlaw sometimes when he tries to rule the roost at doggy day care and in the park.

Robin Hood

With the sun shining and all this exploring we soon worked up an appetite and decided to pay a visit to ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem’. This is one of several pubs in England which claim to be the oldest (established in 1189AD) and is built into the Castle Rock upon which Nottingham Castle is built. The pub is full of lots of caves inside and quirky rooms to explore full of lots of items of historical significance and interesting legends. Much to our delight as well as having plenty of outdoor seating areas the pub also lets dogs in to the ground floor so for those visiting in Winter you will still be welcome to take your furry friends in with you.

The staff in the pub were really friendly and straight away offered Buddy a fresh bowl of water. They were all happy to say hello to him even when he forgot his manners and jumped up at them. The food and, more importantly perhaps, the drinks were all of excellent quality and the atmosphere and surroundings were fantastic. I would definitely recommend a visit here if you like something authentic and a little away from the norm. It was definitely a paws up from Buddy.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem


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